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Wrestling & Fitness

"The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character."

Well Trained Wrestling - Red Lights


the elite approach

"Every Life Individually Trained Enhances"

The ELITE approach, behind our Well Trained philosophy, ensures the professional level of service that we provide.

Our goal is to achieve the highest state of readiness! Molding individuals into their full potential!

Meet The Coach

Ryan Blackwell


Survivor of Pensacola NAS Terrorist Attack | Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism & Purple Heart | Owner of Well Trained.

Ryan Blackwell was raised in North Carolina, in a household where structure and hard work were valued. At an early age, Ryan showed interest in wrestling and grew to devote much of his time and hard work into the sport, becoming a two-time state champion in high school and earning a scholarship to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (NCAA DII).


After graduating college, with a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Ryan joined the Navy. Soon after enlisting, he found himself in a Naval Special Warfare (NSW) selection pipeline, the precursor school for becoming a Navy warfighter. Unfortunately, Ryan was dropped from the pipeline and decided to report to Pensacola, FL for airman school. He was eventually deemed medically unfit to continue in the Navy, due to training related injuries, and was to be medically retired. While awaiting his medical retirement, Ryan was working in an administrative position at Naval Aviation Schools Command, working with the International Military Training Office.


On December 6th, 2019, Ryan Blackwell reported to work just like any other day. However, he found himself in the middle of the first terrorist attack on US soil by a foreign national since September 11th, 2001. Ryan sustained 6 gunshot wounds and continued to care for others while on the brink of death. Ryan had months of intense recovery but leaned on his tough mentality to push on and accomplish great things despite his circumstances. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corp Medal, the highest non-combat award for heroism, and the Purple Heart for his wounds.


Ryan is the proud owner of Well Trained, a wrestling and fitness establishment for youth, teens and adults, located in Gulf Breeze, FL. He uses his experiences to teach individuals that their mentality and hard work are the keys to overcoming any challenges they may face.


Ryan is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame - NC Chapter, Class of 2023. He received the Medal of Courage.


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Coach Ryan and his team are great Americans that are incredible at what they do. My 9-year-old son is not only learning how to wrestle, he is learning how to lead while becoming more disciplined and confident in himself. In his own words, he “now feels like a warrior for the first time”. I consider our WELL Trained experience nothing short of a Godsend.


December 2020

Fantastic place because of the people so dedicated to ensuring their children's physical fitness excellence, sportsmanship, and learn what it takes, the mindset, to be a champion


February 2021

Best Wrestling Club in the area!!!! The coaches are amazing. Family owned and ran.


May 2021

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