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Please fill out the waiver below and submit at $75 deposit to reserve your spot at the Well Trained Wrestling Camp! Registration is complete after submission of waiver and process of payment via Pay Pal.
A $5.00 processing fee will be added to the $75.00 deposit at checkout. The remaining $50 (cash) will be due at check-in!
A confirmation email will be sent. Please allow 24HRS for processing!
Do you have a current AAU or USA Wrestling Membership? (*Required For Camp)
I herby give my full consent and approval for my child to take part as a member of the Well Trained Wrestling Camp. I hold harmless the WT Camp Staff, Gulf Breeze High School, Ryan Blackwell, Jim Bird, Kevin Ward, Javier Maldonado, Othello "OT" Johnson, Omi Acosta, Breonnah Neal, Willie Hilton, and their representatives for any injuries suffered in the normal course of participation.
I agree to pay the $75.00 deposit plus a $5.00 processing fee required to reserve camp spot.
I agree to pay the remaining camp fee of $50.00 CASH at camp check-in ( June 7, 2024)
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